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Immigrating to Canada

The country sharing the United States of America’s most Northerly border is vast – so vast in fact that that just the width of it is 5600km – that’s like driving from Cape Town to Malawi!

Immigrating To Canada

Renowned for its beautiful mountain ranges Maples, intimidating Redwood Trees and famous Mounted Police the country is certainly also a first world leader with a strong economy, stable political environment and very low incidences of violent crime per capita.

There are various ways to move and immigrate to Canada from South Africa. Some of these include:


• Studying in Canada
• Working in Canada
• Opening a business in Canada
• Being transferred by your current company to a Canadian branch
• Having enough qualified work experience to apply for Permanent Residency without a job offer
• Having previous Canadian Work Experience and applying for Permanent Residency without a job offer
• Having qualifying relatives in Canada who are citizens or permanent residents

Each Canadian immigration program or stream has its own set of requirements. By consulting a professional immigration practitioner who specializes in Canadian Immigration you will be sure if your meet all their immigration requirements before investing too much time and money into an application that may not be successful. You should ensure that you make use of immigration consultants who are members in good standing of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC). The ICCRC provides the list of all of their members on their website where you can search by name, location, company name, and a variety of other criteria:

If the person you are looking to hire for your Canadian application does not appear to be registered with any of the regulatory boards listed above, ask them directly which regulatory board they belong to along with their membership number. This will give them the opportunity to clarify your concerns. You can then use this to confirm with their regulatory body. Also, most companies display their membership logo directly on their website. If you do not see this logo, it may be a clue that they are not legally authorised to represent you.


If you find a person or company is not authorised to provide Canadian immigration advise for a fee you should not use them in order to protect yourself and your application from any possible issues with Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

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