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Immigrating to New Zealand is easy for Carpenters, Diesel Mechanics and Big Rig Drivers

If you have had enough of crime and grime and have considered immigrating but thought New Zealand would only want doctors and lawyers you are wrong - New Zealand wants you!

Immigrating To New Zealand Is Easy For Carpenters Diesel Mechanics And Big Rig Drivers

The New Zealand Immigration Department and their government annually revise a list of skills identified to grow their economy but for which a manpower shortage exists. Tradesman, engineers and teachers have become increasingly scarce over the last few years but these gaps seem to be filling up while our New Zealand partner and recruitment specialist, New Zealand Skills in Demand.


NZ skills continued to say that Carpenters and Joiners with a commercial and residential construction background, ideally experienced with new builds and timber framed homes is in high demand.

HGV/Diesel Mechanics, specifically those who have worked on long haul trucks (big rigs), are in high demand.

And those skilled in ceiling fixing and experienced Partitioners from a commercial construction back ground will quickly find work in New Zealand too.

Workers with experience in heavy vehicles, such as driving construction machinery or equipment and/or supplies to a building site are very much in demand too and are likely to find a job quickly.

While civils workers, experienced in roading, drainage the related construction and design have a bright future in the fast growing New Zealand economy. With an expanding citizen base expanding and repairing roads have become a priority in and around all major cities.

New World Immigration encourages potential candidates to make contact with the company without delay. The team will ensure your CV is ‘New Zealand ready’ and that you obtain your necessary visas and talking you through your interview flight arrangements. “People in the country have a lot more success and are definitely showing their commitment,” adds the team, but if you are a strong enough candidate they will also facilitate telephonic interviews or interviews with their South African branch if necessary.



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