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Immigration Minister Promoting Student Visas and Express Entry to South Africans

Canada is actively marketing their student visa program to South African’s who show the talent and interest in remaining in Canada after completing their education.

Immigration Minister Promoting Student Visas And Express Entry To South Africans

The Canadian Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Minister Ahmed Hussen recently visited South Africa during his tour of Europe and few African countries speaking with students and stakeholders and highlighting the express-entry system that fast-tracks applications, as well as other programs that help students settle in Canada long-term.


"We recognize that international students are often ideal candidates for permanent residency, given their language proficiency, Canadian education credentials, and Canadian work experience," said a spokesman for Hussen.

Canadian Universities have all reported that the number of international students on campus continues to increase and the same is true at other post-secondary institutions across Canada.

The challenge for the Canadian government now is to maintain that trend amid competing countries and to encourage more from the talented pool to stay on as permanent residents.

The University of Toronto, Canada's top draw for international students, enrolled 17,452 international students in undergraduate and graduate programs last year, making up about 20 per cent of the overall student body.

That compares to 7,380 international students comprising about 10 per cent of the total student population a decade ago, in 2007.

It seems that the political effects of the situation in Africa and Europe have contributed to students looking for alternatives and Canada is presenting as a good one in terms of stability, safety, and inclusiveness.

Canada reports that students come from more than 150 countries.

Adding to the attractiveness of the Canadian Student Visa is that students can now work part time while studying without a separate work permit, and most international students are able to apply for a work permit that allows them to remain in Canada for three years after graduation.


"These are people who have already proven themselves successful in the Canadian education system, who have been supporting themselves for years in Canada, and who have Canadian work experience before their graduation. As such, we really can't pass up that opportunity to tap that resource as much as we can as a tool to grow the economy," said Patrick Snider, director of skills and immigration policy for the Canadian Chamber of Commerce.

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