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Increasing Number of Candidates Outside Canada Selected for Immigration

A new study by Canadian Immigration and Citizenship found that Canada is hot on the heels of international talent to supplement their labour force.

Increasing Number Of Candidates Outside Canada Selected For Immigration

The success of the Canadian Express Entry system and Canada’s progressive immigration legislation is being credited for the increase in foreign nationals being granted Canadian visas.


“…the real story is that Express Entry has developed — and continues to develop — into a truly global immigration selection system. With hard data available, we can see that the number of candidates residing around the world who received ITAs in 2015, in both percentage and absolute terms, increased as the year went on. What began as something of an anomaly, with a large number of Canada-based foreign workers being selected around this time last year, has moved on to something far more international in scope,” says an expert on Canadian Immigration David Cohen.

“…the number of candidates outside Canada selected for immigration has been going up, and the spread of Core CRS scores among invited candidates has been very wide,” he added.

Over the second half of 2015, 39% of all invited candidates resided outside Canada – which bodes good news for South Africans keen on immigrating to the most Northern country on the North American continent.

Based on the CIC reports it has been confirmed that the number of candidates in the pool residing outside Canada who received Invitations to Apply (ITAs) for permanent residence in the latter half of 2015 increased significantly.

Not only were an increasing number of international candidates invited to apply in 2015 but the report also claimed that ‘future invitation rounds from the Express Entry pool will become the main source of applications to meet annual immigration level targets.

With these factors in mind, the relative number of invited candidates residing outside Canada may continue to increase through 2016, just as it did throughout 2015.

International candidates and the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS)

The increase in figures can be attributed to the large number of CRS points awarded for language ability and level of education. Together, these factors are worth up to 310 points (out of 500 for overall core human capital) for a single applicant and 320 points for candidates with an accompanying spouse or common-law partner. In contrast, a maximum of only 80 points (out of 500) may be awarded to candidates with Canadian work experience.

In addition, language and education are heavily in play when it comes to skills transferability, with up to 100 more points available in this area. Educated candidates with strong language skills are benefiting under the CRS.

Provincial Nominee Programs an d Job Offers

Visa applicants are currently benefiting at least an additional 600 CRS points when qualifying for either an enhanced provincial nomination certificate or a qualifying job offer – giving their application a further push in the right direction.

Over the course of 2015 and into 2016, Canadian provinces engaged more actively with the system and issued an increasing number of enhanced provincial nomination certificates.

Proactive Applicants

The report also stated that proactive candidates around the world have managed to reach out to Canadian employers and promote their skills and experience, ultimately being rewarded with job offers supported by a LMIA.

The low-down

Of the 31,063 ITAs issued during 2015, a total of 13,214 (42.6%) of them were issued under FSW, 11,228 (36.1%) were issued under CEC, 4,105 (13.2%) were issued under PNP, and 2,516 (8.1%) were issued under FST.

Sixty percent of all invited candidates had 600 points or more – in which case they would also have had either a qualifying job offer or provincial nomination certificate to back their application and acquired points.


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