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Is immigration right for you

State corruption, unemployment, lack of opportunities, rising crime, violence, a struggling local economy and an ever increasingly unreliable infrastructure are all reasons migrants have cited for wanting to up and leave the country they were born in.

Is Immigration Right For You

Migration offers people the opportunity to persue dreams, live the life they imagined and migrant parents see this as their best chance of giving their children what they need to be successful one day.


Immigration is not quite as easy as packing a bag and getting on a plane. It is something to be considered seriously and a lot of care should be taken to ensure you are informed enough before taking the decision.

There are a number of things to consider while making your initial decision:

1) What are the official languages of that country? (Will you and your family be able to communicate effectively?)
2) Is my language level high enough to communicate in a working environment in that country?
3) What are the cultural difference between that country and my current country?
4) Are my skills in demand in that country? (Will you be able to find work?)
5) Will I be able to get a visa and live there legally?
6) Can I afford the move?
7) Do I have enough money to settle and become established without having to start over?
8) How will my family adapt to a new country?
9) Can I become accustomed to the climate?
10) Can I become accustomed to the laws of that country?
11) Can my pets make the move?
12) Will I have a support system there?
13) How does that country treat newcomers and immigrants?
14) How is the health care system?

All of these are important to keep in mind when thinking about emigrating. You would want to make sure you will be able to adapt in the country you are considering moving to and be able to succeed in a working environment. A crucial element to this success is being skilled in the local language. This includes reading, writing, listening and speaking.


It is best to seek professional advice when considering migrating to another country. Speaking to a professional immigration consultant is certainly a very important part of your decision making process. Being informed and well prepared will make the decision to emigrated and transition in your new country much more manageable.

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