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Language Proficiency test a visa requirement

The main language tests accepted are the IELTS for English proficiency, and TEF for proficiency in French.

Language Proficiency Test A Visa Requirement

Australia considers the scores obtained on IELTS English test for the migration point test required for permanent residency, while Canada uses the IELTS and / or TEF scores in English or French for purposes of the skill-based immigration points test.

IELST is the International English Language Testing System. There are two version of this test and for purposes of immigration the General Training Version must be taken. IELTS test are held in various locations around the world.

The British Council South Africa offers IELTS tests in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Durban, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth four times a month. Registrations take place online and are processed centrally at the British Council office in Johannesburg.

TEF is the Test d'évaluation du français. It a French fluency test and is made up of five sections. Three mandatory compulsory sections consisting of reading, listening, grammar and vocabulary. And two optional sections. For the Canadian visa requirements both the compulsory and optional sections must be completed.

The Alliance Française of Johannesburg offers program and preparation exams for those wishing to complete the TEF.

By Geruza Bumba

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