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Leaving South Africa? Where will you go; Canada, Australia or New Zealand

Whether you choose Canada, New Zealand or Australia it seems you’ll be in the good company of many other migrants who made the same decision.

Leaving South Africa

Based on the feedback of an international moving company Australia is the second most popular destination for migrants making use of their removals service. Canada places 5th most popular and New Zealand 7th.


International relocation experts MoveHub has published its annual Global Moving Trends report to see where the most popular countries are for expats to move to for 2017.

Data from the past 10 years was analysed to determine the favourite and least favourite destinations for expats and migrants. The survey included data gathered from more than 350,000 inquiries and actual moves.

The list’s results seem to reflect similar findings to other internationally respected surveys such as the annual HSBC expat survey. The same information was used to pin point the countries where people were leaving from and South Africa placed 7th.

The survey noted that Australia traditionally remained a favourite destination for expats, however 2017 saw a 5% decrease in searches from the previous financial year. Reasons behind this drop might be linked to stricter immigration rules imposed in the past few years.

New Zealand enjoyed its highest ever levels of immigration on record, particularly from the US and the UK, potentially due to the political unrest in both countries.

New Zealand’s strong economy and cheaper cost of living both contributed to the rise in popularity of the new winner.

It seems the driving factor behind the migrants and expats survey was cost of living, way of life and general culture.


Most migrants said they were in pursuit of better career opportunities, access to excellent schools and health care and escaping corruption, crime and political instability in their own country.

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