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Migrants and Employers benefit from Immigration NZ Vision 2015 success

Immigration Minister, Michael Woodhouse, earlier this month received two reports which show the learnings of Immigration New Zealand’s successful Vision 2015 programme in being recognised as a trusted partner, delivering outstanding immigration services and bringing in the best people New Zealand needs in order to prosper.

Migrants And Employers Benefit From Immigration NZ Vision 2015 Success

Vision 2015 was launched in March 2012 and formally closed in June this year with the successful launch of a new state-of-the-art identity management system that enables face photos and fingerprint information from applicants to be captured online and automatically matched against personal data. This system is already employed by Immigration New Zealand and is proving a huge success in garnering international investment and critical skills.


“Vision 2015 has transformed services for customers with the deployment of [New Zealand’s] ‘Immigration Online’ that allows online applications for student, work and visitor visas,” said Mr Woodhouse speaking to the press and reported on by New Zealand Star.

“More than 80,000 online applications have already been received and many online applicants can now apply for a visa without having to send in their passports.

“More than 40 Visa Application Centres have been set up all over the world to give customers a better service and trusted partnerships have been established with tourism providers to enable the facilitation of high-value, low-risk visa applicants,” continued Woodhouse.

The reports released today identify active senior leadership as the single most decisive factor in the success of the Vision 2015 programme and provide learnings that will help other public sector agencies considering their own business transformations.

Applying for a New Zealand visa, whether a student, work or business visa, requires the applicant to meet certain criteria. Criteria, which includes aspects particular to the applicant such as having a job offer from a New Zealand based employer, their occupation being listed as a skill identified as being of critical value to the New Zealand economy and job market along with education and qualification assessments gather points for the applicant. A minimum of 40 out of a possible 100 points are required before a visa application will be considered.


Being a complicated and legal process it is in the would-be migrant’s best interest to seek the professional assistance of a recognized and experienced immigration facilitator or practitioner. An immigration expert will ensure that the visa application is correctly completed and supported by the appropriate documentation and proof supporting the application, there by maximizing the chances of success.

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