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More and more South Africans are considering immigration

“Until the end of last year, we would get an emigration inquiry about once every two weeks. Now we are fielding about nine or 10 emigration inquiries a day”, reported Mail & Guardian.

More And More South Africans Are Considering Immigration

While some South African citizens resort to their family history to obtain a second passport, others turn to specialised lawyers.

Citizenship by investment programmes is an option for the well-heeled: countries such as Malta sell residence permits or citizenship in exchange for financial investment in the country.

The United Kingdom, the United States, Malta and Cyprus are among the most popular options to South Africans seeking to emigrate. Each has a citizenship or residence-permit programme established by its government.

“There has been an increase of 50% more inquiries from South Africans in comparison to the same time last year,” relays the same article adding that the pace of immigration queries has been accelerating.

Reportedly enquiries are from among the wealthiest 5% in the country.
Emigrant must to invest up to £2-million (about R39-million) to buy a permanent UK residency permit and, after five years, apply for citizenship. In Cyprus, they’d have to invest R34-million to be granted citizenship straight away.

As any local without Ancestral Visas or dual citizenship may know, travelling on a South African passport can prove to be a challenge. Before even thinking about entering most countries around the world, South African passport holders are required to obtain a foreign visa.

However, there are 97 countries around the globe we can enter on our passports alone, and while they may not be the US, Canada, Australia or most of Europe, there are some pretty dang exciting places to go.

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