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New Zealand’s 2016 Occupation Outlook is available in App form!

This app is perfect for help job seekers and students interested in making good study and career decisions and is based on current information and statistics.

New Zealand’S 2016 Occupation Outlook Is Available In App Form

The annual report and app, compiled by the New Zealand Ministry of Business, Employment and Innovation, provide an easy-to-use overview of job demand, likely income levels, and training requirements for different career pathways in the country. This year the number of occupations profiled has been expanded from 50 to 60.


Occupation Outlook draws on a wide range of information including:

• employment trends and other key statistics compiled by MBIE and Statistics New Zealand
• expertise from Careers NZ, tertiary institutions, industry associations, industry training organisations, licence and registration boards, and other industry stakeholders
• qualification completions and graduate income information from the Ministry of Education.

The handy Occupation Outlook app can be downloaded free from the App Store for iPhones and iPads, and the Google Play store for Android devices!

The app contains education, employment and income information on 60 key occupations in New Zealand to give you a clearer picture of possible career paths.

The 60 careers below were chosen to be featured based on their size, popularity, and potential for future growth. The app indicates the availability of jobs in these professions and the expected remuneration.

Construction and Infrastructure
Manufacturing and Technology
Primary Industries
Service Industries
Creative Indus tries
Social and Community Services
Architects and Landscape Architects
Carpenters and Joiners
Civil Engineering Technicians
Construction Project Managers
Quantity surveyors

Prospects according to the App: Mostly good income and ample career opportunities are indicated.

Manufacturing and Technology
Automotive Technicians and Electricians
Engineering Professionals
ICT and Business Systems Analysts
ICT and Telecommunications Technicians
Science Technicians
Software Developers [image] software developers.
Prospects according to the App:
Primary Industries
Agricultural and Forestry Scientists
Environmental Scientists
Farmers and Farm Managers
Food Technologists
Marine Biologists
Veterinary Nurses

Prospects according to the App: Excellent job and income opportunities potential in all professions listed above.

Service Industries
Bus and Coach Drivers
Cafe Managers
Conference and Event Organisers
Financial Advisers and Brokers
Flight Attendant
Hospitality Workers
Human Resource Professionals
Marketing and Advertising Professionals
Pilots and Air Traffic Controllers
Public Relations Professionals
Real Estate Agents
Retail Sales Assistants
Sales Representatives
Travel Agents
Truck Drivers

Prospects according to the App: Excellent job opportunities but income potential varies greatly from job to job and in terms of skill and responsibility required.


Creative Industries
Film, Television, Radio and Stage Directors
Graphic and Web designers
Industrial Designers
Prospects according to the App: If you can find a job in this industry you can look forward to a good salary, but jobs are scarce.
Social and Community Services
Early Childhood Teachers
Fire Fighters
Healthcare Assistants
Policy Analysts
Registered Nurses
School Teachers

Prospects according to the App: Excellent job and income opportunities exist. There is a great demand for professionals in these careers.

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