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New Zealand’s building industry desperate for more builders, electricians, plumbers

New Zealand is keenly looking for more electricians, plumbers, builders, carpenters, quantity surveyors, project managers and related tradesmen to fill these gaps.

New Zealand’S Building Industry Desperate For More Builders Electricians Plumbers

Karlan Zink, a director of The Building and Construction Industry Training Organisation (BCITO), said to Radio New Zealand, "We all know that the building industry is screaming out for qualified carpenters and people who are good in the trades. Without the fresh blood coming through you're not going to maintain a high standard in the future which as we all know is crucial."


BCITO estimates an extra 3000 tradesmen are needed to fill the skills shortage as the building industry continues to boom, particularly in Auckland.

The message from Vijay Frame and Truss factory manager Thane Kopua was a simple one.

"What I look for is someone that can turn up every day and is willing to work hard. If you can do that, then you're going to learn everything."

Fletcher Construction is attempting to recruit 100 long-term migrants and expats - to work on what it says is a 30-year pipeline of major projects.

Recruitment manager James Brown told Nine to Noon the company needed highly skilled workers for projects such as the Puhoi to Warkworth motorway, the International Convention Centre in Auckland and housing developments.

"We're looking to support our current skilled staff with quantity surveyors, project managers, project directors, design managers - skills that are in New Zealand but skills that we need more of."

The skills required has also been listed by the New Zealand Government as being in short supply and is officially recognized as being required to ensure the country’s continued economic upswing and are therefore extending visa to qualifying migrants from all over the world including South Africa.

To qualify for this visa you should be younger than 50 with a good employment record in the specific trade under which you will be applying for your visa for. Your qualifications will have to be verified and recognized by New Zealand Immigration and you should be able to supply proof of your experience in this field.


This is only part of the qualification process before an application can be lodged. One of South Africa’s specialists in immigration to New Zealand is New World Immigration. NWI is able to, through their online porthole, supply you with a free assessment of your qualifications and skills which will give you a good indication if you are likely to succeed with the visa application process.

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