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New Zealand, Second best country for expats

Recent travel and migration data from Statistics New Zealand proved New Zealand's popularity as a destination for migrants, with figures showing a record net gain of 60,300 migrants in the year to August 2015.

New Zealand Second Best Country For Expats

Migrant arrivals continued to reach a new high, up 13 per cent from the August 2014 year while migrant departures were down 5 per cent.


This is supported by the findings of the newest HSCB Expat Explorer survey which revealed the the active and laid back Kiwi lifestyle had pushed up New Zealand popularity among expats earning the country an enviable second spot in the ranks as one of the top places to live and work for expats.

Respondents said that not only did they enjoy a healthier lifestyle in New Zealand they also valued the country’s progressive approach to entrepreneurship, its excellent quality of life and work-life balance.

The 2016 HSBC Expat Explorer survey showed that expats only enjoyed their experience in Singapore a bit more than in New Zealand saying that expats in Singapore had more disposable income, wage growth and savings reported Stuff New Zealand.

The survey results also seemed to indicate that expats in Singapore were a little happier with their career progression, safety, social life, school quality and childcare quality were also ranked higher in Singapore than in New Zealand.

But the land of the Hobbits still offered a happier, healthier life for expats on its shores than any other country.

HSCB’s Expat Explorer research found that as much as 60 per cent of expats in New Zealand said they were more physically active than at home, and more than half surveyed believed their health had improved since moving.

More than three-quarters of expats said their overall quality of life in New Zealand was better than at home and 71 per cent have taken advantage of this by staying in the country for five years or more.

The HSBC survey was now in its eighth year and had responses from more than 21,000 expats.

The top 10:

1. Singapore
2. New Zealand
3. Sweden
4. Bahrain
5. Germany
6. Canada
7. Australia
8. Taiwan
9. United Arab Emirates
10. Switzerland


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