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New Zealand 2nd best country for English-speaking expats

The result of a brand new poll says that English-speaking expats love life in New Zealand, and so much so that it took second position in the InterNations popularity contest – this year won by Malta.

New Zealand 2Nd Best Country For English Speaking Expats

InterNations recently published reports on the findings of their annual 14 000-strong expat survey and it seems that New Zealand, although bumped from last year’s poll position, is still much loved by English-speaking expats taking top honours in the work-life balance category.


According to the survey authors 79 per cent of expats here were happy with their work-life balance while living in New Zealand. This is more than likely due to the fact that country had the shortest average working week of 42.2 hours of the English-speaking countries.

With marks awarded for the environment of every Expat country that took part New Zealand seems to be top notch score within the top-five percentile.

The survey considered various life aspects that expats are likely to deal with. How easy it is to settle in, state assistance offered to migrants / expats to help them navigate their daily lives. What is the financial and political situation of each country and the friendliness of the local population towards foreigners.

Overall, New Zealand ranked as the fifth-best expat destination behind Taiwan, Malta, Ecuador and Mexico.

The survey by expat network InterNations polled people from 174 nations living in 191 countries and New Zealand ranked in top spot for working abroad in English-speaking countries.


Top 5 English-Speaking Destinations:

1. Malta
2. New Zealand
3. Australia
4. Canada
5. Singapore

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