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New Zealand and Canada

Expats are happier in New Zealand and Canada with both countries ranking ahead of the world’s two biggest economies; China and the United States of America.

New Zealand And Canada

In its HSBC Expat Explorer 2016 report based on an online survey of 27,000 expats this year, the bank ranked New Zealand 2nd and Canada 3rd overall for meeting expats needs. The survey included 45 world countries.


Surprisingly the U.S. ranked low at 30th position and China only managed to achieve 34th place.

New Zealand – rated 2nd

Almost three-quarters of expats surveyed in New Zealand said their quality of life had improved since moving here.

While the Kiwi’s ranked 41st in the survey for personal finances, the country’s quality of life pushed them up the ranks – past most competitors in the top ten including Switzerland, Austria and Germany.

The majority of expat respondents in New Zealand said they had moved to this country to improve their quality of life, compared with 32 per cent of expats globally.

And almost three-quarters of expats in New Zealand reported that they've achieved that goal, beating the global average of 52 per cent.

Around 67 per cent of expats in New Zealand own property in the country and nearly 78 per cent say they are integrating well with this country's culture.

Aspects that contributed to New Zealand’s good score were that;

• Over 73 per cent of respondents reported that organising finances was easy upon arrival.

• Almost 70 per cent who set up health care arrangements also said they had found that process straightforward.

• New Zealand came fourth in the family category and eighth in education.

Canada – rated 3rd

A culture of diversity and tolerance is one of the major contributors to Canada’s excellent performance on the same HSBC Expat survey that placed New Zealand second overall after Singapore.

Expats reported that Canada is more welcoming to those of different races, faiths, gender or sexual orientation than the home countries of many expats, according to survey respondents.

More than two-thirds of all respondents said they feel Canada is more welcoming to those of different races, faiths, gender or sexual orientation than their home countries. This is 26 percentage points higher than the global average of 43 per cent.

More than half expats surveyed reported that Canada is a good place to start a business, compared with 38 per cent worldwide.

Political stability also added to Canada’s position with almost three-quarters of all respondents saying they are confident in the country’s political stability.


Two thirds of the expats surveyed also felt that they enjoyed a better quality of life in Canada than that that was available to them in their home countries.

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(7) Austria
(8) Sweden
(9) Bahrain
(10) Germany

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