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New Zealand announced strict passport checks

This announcement came earlier this month when New Zealand immigration announced that, in a bid to protect Kiwi borders, all travellers will now be checked against a database for lost or stolen passports.

New Zealand Announced Strict Passport Checks

Immigration New Zealand confirmed that travellers flying to, from or through the country will be checked against Interpol's stolen and lost travel documents database.


“The security check will be performed when passengers check in, but people shouldn't notice a difference to the current check-in process” commented Immigration New Zealand.

Adding to this spokesman for the department, Peter Deoy, said that, “Immigration New Zealand already has robust processes in place, but the new check will provide greater border controls.

“If a travel document has been reported lost or stolen to Interpol, the traveller will not be able to board their flight and airlines will contact INZ staff at the border.”

According to a news report by TV New Zealand, 2930 people were not allowed to board a flight to New Zealand during the 2015-16 financial year, which is nearly 700 more travellers who did not gain access to the country. During the 2014-2015 financial year 2280 people were turned away at New Zealand’s border posts.

“Most cases related to passengers not meeting immigration entry requirements” said Immigration New Zealand.

Ensure your travel documents are correct and that you meet the country’s entry requirements by seeking professional assistance with your visa and passport application. New Zealand, like most other world countries, has a set of stringent requirements that foreigners must meet before they are allowed access into the country.

Besides being in possession of a valid passport and government approved visa travellers must meet a set of criteria which, if not met, will halt travel plans into the country.


It is in travellers’ best interest to consult an experienced and qualified immigration practitioner who is recognized by Immigration New Zealand before finalizing travel plans as New Zealand is currently undergoing regular changes to the travel and immigration policies of which a professional will be well informed and will adjust your visa application accordingly.

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