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New Zealand is more attractive than ever as migration figures are not slowing down

In what is already being viewed as a record migration year, this trend seems set to continuing with more people arriving in New Zealand than those who are leaving.

New Zealand Is More Attractive Than Ever As Migration Figures Are Not Slowing Down

Official figures show a net gain of 68,400 migrants attracted to New Zealand for the year up to May and all indications are there that New Zealand is becoming exponentially attractive to foreigners as, for the 22nd month in a row, the annual net gain of migrants has been at record levels.


On a monthly basis, the number of people migrating to New Zealand, or returning home to the country, has held a steady pace of 5500 people. Last year November however saw a massive spike in these figures with more than 6200 people entering the country on a variety of temporary and permanent visas. The most popular of which was the New Zealand Work Visa.

It is not surprising that the country is seeing such a surge in foreign interest. Considered within the Top 5 most liveable countries New Zealand offers job opportunities in a safe and politically stable country – which is gorgeous to boot. Added to this attractive mix is the perceived friendliness of the Kiwi’s and most impressively the only world economy that has shown growth during the current world-wide recession.

ANZ Bank senior economist Phil Borkin said to Radio New Zealand that 5500 was still a decent number and showed New Zealand was an attractive place to come and live.

He didn't expect any pull-back at this stage.

"The New Zealand economy is still performing very well...there's some possibilities that migration turns south... the biggest factor there would be if the Australian economy started to show stronger signs of growth - particularly in the labour market...we don't have that at the moment," he said.


A total of 193,600 visitors passed through the countries border posts last month. According to the New Zealand Department of Immigration and Border control this figure is up by 10 percent for the same time last year, setting a new May record.

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