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New Zealand is more popular than ever for expats

“New data shows that more people are visiting New Zealand than ever before.”

New Zealand Is More Popular Than Ever For Expats

According to an article published in the New Zealand Herald, Jo-Anne Skinner, a New Zealand population statistics specialist said that the previous record of 402,500, set in December 2014. The new record was mainly driven by a 17% increase in arrivals of holiday makers.

There were more people arriving on student and work visas, suggesting that New Zealand is becoming increasingly popular with students too. This trend indicates that those going to New Zealand plan to stay for some time. Student visas were up 5,000 to 27,900 and work visas were up 4.500 to 37,800.

Arrivals on work visas increased 14% from the December 2014 year. Arrivals on work visas include working holiday makers.

Another 14,100 migrants arrived on residence visas. Most migrants gain New Zealand residence after, rather than before, arrival. Many arrive on temporary visas and transfer to a residence visa after spending time in New Zealand.

All regions had a net gain of international migrants in the December 2015 year, led by Auckland at 30,000, Canterbury 6,800, Waikato 2,600, Wellington 2,400, and Bay of Plenty 2,100.

The net gain in migration for the Auckland region was 7,000 higher in 2015 than 2014. The increase was driven by migrant arrivals into Auckland rising by 14% coupled with a slight fall of 3% in departures compared with the December 2014 year.

“New Zealand has been a popular immigration destination for South Africans since the 1990’s and the country remains popular with international expats too,” said Ragless

“Figures showed New Zealand’s monthly migration net gain reached record numbers and is standing at 64,900 migrants in the December 2015 year.

“The annual gain in migrants has set new records for the last 17 months. Both more arrivals and fewer departures drove the increased net gain of migrants, the data shows.

“South Africans tend to find the adjustment to life in New Zealand easier. The population is composed of many nationalities and migrants are a welcomed part of the country’s need to grow their economy.

“A large and established South African expat community also creates a sense of support and a feeling of home for new migrants,” concludes Ragless.

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