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Pet Quarantine 2016 Australia & NZ things to know


Pet Quarantine 2016 Australia NZ Things To Know

1. There will be one post entry quarantine station. These are known as (PEQ).
2. This location will be in Melbourne at the Mickleham station.
3. This is a newly built station with separate areas for dogs and cats.
4. The floors are heated in the winter months.
5. The rooms are airy and comfortable.
6. The kennels are temperature controlled.
7. Cats have shelves and windows and exercise areas.
8. Dogs have kennels and exercise yards.
9. Dogs and Cats will need to undertake at least 10 days of quarantine.
10. There are vets on site.
11. Rabies is the most significant disease of concern associated with the import of cats and dogs, primarily due to the often fatal consequences of rabies virus infection in all mammals, including humans.
12. Post entry quarantine also serves to ensure there are no exotic ticks on cats and dogs as ticks can also carry diseases.
13. Set on 144 hectares on the northern outskirts of Melbourne, the new facility will cater for the import of birds (pigeons), fertile hatching eggs of poultry, bees, cats, dogs, horses, ruminants (mainly alpacas) and plants.
14. The site is more than five times the size of the largest existing facility.
15. The current fee for quarantine is AUD$29 for a dog or cat per animal per day.
16. The current entry fee for quarantine AUD$33 per pet.
17. The quarantine document clearance is AUD$30 per pet.
18. The vet inspection fee per pet in quarantine is AUD$30.
19. The post vet inspection fee is AUD$30 per pet.
20. The Import permit is AUD$480 for the first pet and then AUD$240 for each additional pet.
21. You need to apply for the import permit first and then you can book quarantine.
22. The PEQ Import levy is AUD$1200
23. You must book your pets quarantine online and you will be invoiced.
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New Zealand

There are three quarantine facilities in New Zealand. Pets must undertake 10 days of quarantine once arriving in New Zealand. Here are some things to know:

1. The quarantine facilities are located n Auckland, Christchurch, and in Wellington.
2. Owners are able to visit their pets during this time.
3. The facilities organize customs clearance, airport collection, and transport to your residence after the 10 day period.
4. The kennels are well heated and well ventilated.
5. The cats have a heated area with scratch poles and viewing shelves along with toys.
6. The dog kennels have windows and have partly covered runs. They are heated.
7. Owners can bring toys, treats, and extra bedding.
8. At the end of the quarantine period, the inspector will provide written approval for your pet to leave the facility. Only when this is received can your pet be released.
9. Pets are fed Royal Canin or Pro Plan. You can discuss any other feeding options.
10. The facilities offer grooming.
11. For the daily quarantine fees, you must contact the quarantine facilities and they will send a quote.
12. The vet inspection fee is $214.25
13. The pet import permit fee is $220.74
14. The border inspection fees vary depending on where your pet is from.
15. Bookings are on a first come first serve basis.
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