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SA expats in demand for top jobs

The 2015 Expat Insider survey claims that most South Africans abroad would spend at least five years living comfortably in predominantly English-speaking countries while working mostly in top management positions.

SA Expats In Demand For Top Jobs

The same survey found that 25% of South Africans abroad identified as "employees or managers" whereas only 11% of expats of other nationalities stated the same.

"They are also over-represented in the academic field, with 16% of them working as teachers, academic staff and researchers (global average: 9%),” stated the report released late in August this year.

Of the South Africans polled, 22% have children and the three main factors they considered before moving abroad were personal safety (62%), cost of living (31%) and economic and labour market (30%).

Durban-born Devon Pyoos, 26, said he first went to Saudi Arabia when he was 19 to teach English and eventually grew into an advertising content writer motivating his decision by saying that in South Africa he felt he barely had opportunities for career growth.

But South Africa was rated as the 18th-best destination for families because of the availability of childcare and education.

Although South Africa was ranked low for quality of life (42) and health, safety and wellbeing (51), it was highly rated for its leisure opportunities (8).

Walter and Este Buchholz have returned from living in London for the past 15 years with their two children aged nine and six reported TimesLive.

Este said the children were adjusting well to South Africa, "Despite its old-fashioned way of teaching. Here, exams start at Grade 4 and there is homework. Both these are reserved for much later in the UK.”

American Gina Sulprizio, 30, has been living in South Africa for the past six years since coming to complete her Masters in Development Studies at the University of Cape Town. She hasn't returned despite visiting her family twice.

Local Lance Lawson, has been living abroad for over 12 years in various places including Monaco, Taiwan, Thailand and New Zealand.

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Source: TimesLive

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