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Skilled Migrants are needed to fill jobs Kiwis can’t or won’t do

Skilled Migrants are in desperate need to grow the Kiwi economy and fill gaps in the New Zealand economy for which there are no qualified Kiwi’s available.

Skilled Migrants Are Needed To Fill Jobs Kiwis Can’T Or Won’T Do

This is the opinion of respected writer on immigration issues Nigel Letta, and his sentiments are backed by the New Zealand Prime Minister.


“It's actually really important for us to be welcoming immigrants.”

“It is a completely mutually beneficial thing. So they get to live in a pretty nice country, and we get to live with people who are skilled and smart and clever and who are doing things that build our economy,” comments Letta in an article published in

“If we shut the doors on immigration, we'd run into trouble pretty quickly, because there are a whole lot of industries that go overseas prospecting looking for skilled migrants because they need them,” continued Letta.

He also argues that skilled migrants who manage to enter New Zealand brings with them skills that are truly in demand which in turn ensures that they will get a job not filled by a Kiwi.

In a recent radio interview the New Zealand Prime Minister backed the need for migrants saying immigration was necessary because in many cases the newcomers filled jobs that New Zealanders would not or could not do.

Letta continued to motivate his opinion, “To me, being a New Zealander means having equality of access and opportunity. And sadly, I don't think it’s true anymore. There's the myth, and then there's the reality of what it means to be a Kiwi.

In reality, we have inequality, child poverty and a lack of affordable housing. And for all those problems, we rely on immigration to help because we need skilled people to drive our economy.”

He added that migrants are needed to help solve the housing crisis – which has been a huge concern to many New Zealanders. Migrants bring with them the skills, experience and willingness to build houses which are so desperately need.

“We're not going to fix the housing crisis by shutting out all the high skilled people we need to grow our economy.”


Letta argued that it takes commitment and proven skills to qualify for a New Zealand visa, “It's actually very hard to come here [New Zealand]. You have to be young, have a clean criminal record, good character and have skills that we need. But we've added a strange Catch 22 where it’s hard for migrants to get a job offer, despite their skills, because they don’t have residency, and then they can’t get residency without a job offer.”

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