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Successful South Africans are investing aboard to gain citizenship

Migration experts reported a huge spike in the number of South African citizens expressing interest in pulling up their local roots by securing residency in other countries.

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South Africa’s controversial government re-shuffle, the shock of the local economy’s junk status and continued unrest, violence and seemingly lawlessness are behind the exponential increase in successful professionals setting up their ‘Plan B’.


‘Plan B’ means that a South African family is making arrangements to leave the country at a moment’s notice should it become necessary.

While immigration to popular destinations for South African’s such as New Zealand and Australia have become more difficult it is certainly not impossible for a skilled, experienced and educated South African to immigrate to either of these countries – including Canada. Yet it seems that securing your peace of mind, safety and overall well-being is something money can buy.

South Africans with the financial means are increasingly making use of foreign opportunities to gain residency, and sometimes even citizenship, by investing capital in that country. Capital investments may include buying property in that country or owning a business or obtaining a share in an existing business.

"The majority of the people who come and see me are entrepreneurs. They're successful, but they are very concerned about the political stability of the country.


"They don't want to jump ship. Most of them want to stay here, but they want to have the option to leave if radical economic transformation takes the form of seizures of property and violent attacks on their families," said Mr Scherman, a financial advisor specialising in investor programmes for residence and citizenship around the world to Times Live.

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