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The Immigration Insurance Policy that Secures Your Future

‘Bug-Out’: “To move away from your current location very quickly and typically under threat for your and your family’s lives or future existence.”

The Immigration Insurance Policy That Secures Your Future

Planning and obtaining your visa is an essential part of any Bug-Out Plan for anyone who feels they might need it, but is also does not mean that you have to get on the next available flight once your visa is approved. Relax! In most cases your visa is likely to be valid for up to five years. You can stay in South Africa as long as you’d like knowing that if you have to leave immediately all you have to do is book your tickets and get on the next plain out of here.


Why get Bug-Out ready?

We can’t tell you what the future holds and you may never need to be prepared for a crisis but if seeing what’s going on around you and listening to local and international news leaves you concerned for the safety, well-being and future prospects of your family then it might be a good idea to get your Bug Out bag ready.

What should I do to be Bug-Out ready?

Getting everything together and in order so that you and your family can leave the country on a moment’s notice is a lovely little security blanket. It is the best insurance police you might ever invest in and it can stay on ice until you need it!

Things to do right away:

1. Meet with an immigration practitioner and start your visa assessment process ( New World Immigration offers a FREE Assessment here)
2. Get health checks and police clearances up to date
3. Make sure everybody in the family has passports that will be valid for at least another 5 years
4. Keep records of your children’s schooling as you might need this overseas
5. Sharpen up on your English skills
6. Start saving so that you have some Bug Out cash available
7. Don’t get new pets or take on new responsibilities
8. Settle all debts

When your visa arrives:

1. Keep your documents in a fire proof save
2. Keep a certified set of your documents in another safe place
3. Get your international drivers licenses
4. Make a list of what will go into your luggage should you need to leave at a moment’s notice
5. Keep your immigration practitioner’s number handy
6. Get prescription medicines ready and keep it with your visa, ID’s and passports


If this is something that makes sense to you arrange an appointment with a New World Immigration Practitioner right away and start planning your Bug-Out plan – before it is too late.

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