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Three Tips to Find Skilled Employees in Australia and New Zealand

1. Where!

Three Tips To Find Skilled Employees In Australia And New Zealand

In job ads, only three things matter: Location, location and location. When a skilled migrant looks for a job they search by location such as Millwright Wellington or Queensland Secondary School Teacher. The key is to list the locations where your candidates are likely to want to go. So if you are located in a suburb of Brisbane, such as Burbank, you may want to have Brisbane in the job title. Alternatively have an explanation: Located in the beautiful south-eastern suburb of Burbank 25 minutes to the Brisbane city centre by car. List the schools and suburbs close by as families often choose the area and then find work.

2. What?

Job titles are the second most important thing searched for by job seekers. HR departments often use random titles or generic titles like Project Manager. Candidates don’t want to read through 500 words until they see “ICT Projects” or “Construction”. Use catchy descriptive words in the title. Find out what these occupations do for their daily tasks. Try “Genius Auckland ICT Project Manager” or “Perth Inpatient Acute Occupational Therapist.” If your company doesn’t take itself too seriously, then use fun phrases to attract the right candidates. If you are a more traditional company, stick to the basic description.

3. Why?

Why the heck would an employed person want to pack up their lives, families, and come to work for your company? Today even more important than cash is the work/life balance. Today, studies have shown that work/life balance is first followed closely by salary and then job security. What makes you unique from the thousand other employers in Adelaide or the thousands of other corporations that offer benefits? What are your values or company culture? Are you a privately-owned family company where all employees have access to an owner who listens? Do you have a wicked company Barbie/BBQ every Friday? Do you offer benefits from day one? You better offer a unique company description and not bore your candidates to death. If all you have to say is that are committed to growing your employees and provide in-house training, you may want to spruce you add up a bit. This is good, but it’s boring.

Writing good job advertisements is an art form that takes a ton of work; these are just a few pointers.


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