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What you DIDNT know about Securing a Job Abroad – 10 Easy Steps to Success

Over the last decade we have seen candidates come and go. We have worked with over 60,000 prospective migrants and only a tiny percent of them actually end up realising their dream in living and working abroad. We share their secrets with you today.

What You DIDNT Know About Securing A Job Abroad – 10 Easy Steps To Success

If followed, the next 10 steps will ensure you stand a HUGE chance in securing that dream job abroad. We have listed these 10 steps in priority order.


1. By far the most important thing to start with is making sure you have your skills and qualifications assessed with the relevant government authorities. This critical process will allow the prospective employer to understand that your skill-set and qualifications are approved and that they are comparable to local standards. It also indicates that you are serious about moving because you would have completed half the immigration or visa process by completing this very simple step.

Some Examples of Assessing Authorities that we work with on a daily basis:

Australia: Vetasses, TRA, AACA, AIMS, ICAA
New Zealand: NZQA ( New Zealand Qualifications Authority )
Canada: WES ( World Education Services )
South Africa: South African Qualifications Authority

2. Make sure you align yourself with a reputable Immigration Company ( No harm in using us. We are the best in the industry by a country mile ) – Request a motivational letter from your chosen Immigration Firm to attach to your CV when applying for that perfect job saying that you are ready to move on any visa process at the drop of the hat. Also having the guidance and support during the application process is critical. Advice and guidance can be given that will either make or break your application.

3. Make sure you are happy with packing up your home and physically making the move. Research indicates that 90% of prospective migrants are actually too scared or nervous or are perhaps completely overwhelmed with the prospect of moving and working overseas. If you want to earn dollars, euros and pounds, you need to get your head around this.

4. Make sure your documentation is in order. Qualification certificates that you have should be well kept and crisp. No scuff marks please! Make sure you scan these in colour and have them ready and on hand when the prospective employers wishes to see them

5. Make sure your CV is detailed and comprehensive. Make sure it covers the key elements that the employer will be looking for when perusing this document. Make sure it stands out by making it different. Spice it up by changing the format so when viewed, immediately attracts the attention of the employer

6. Follow up call next day: This is a GAME CHANGER – Making a follow up call the next day to find out if the CV has been received demonstrates a number of things. Most importantly it says you REALLY want the job. There is nothing like a passionate future employee. Every employer loves passion, every employer hates a lack thereof.

7. Make sure your LinkedIN and Facebook profiles are in order. Ensure that there are no pictures on Facebook of you downing a pint of lager at the local pub with your best mate Rudy, in the background cheering you on. 83% percent of employers wanting to learn more about their future employees will troll the internet looking for information about you. LinkedIN is also a fantastic tool to list your credentials, highlight successes in your career and really display, from a corporate perspective, your work profile. Employers will make big decisions based on what they find on the net.

8. Make sure you download SKYPE onto your computer and that it works. There is a 75% likelihood that your first interview will take place over Skype. Ensure that when this does happen, that your internet connection is fast ( if you need to do it somewhere else because you know you have a poor connection, DO IT! ) – An employer will be put off if they struggle at the onset to establish communication with you. It’s just irritating and they will move onto someone else.

9. Make sure you have savings in your bank account that are accessible. If the employer is REALLY serious, there is a chance that they would want to see you in the flesh. Make sure you have some mula in your account and show them right from the beginning that you are available to meet face to face should they require you to do so.

10. Stand out and do something different. I am writing this having employed over 300 people in my career and I don’t have enough room in this article to even mention how pathetic some CV’s and applications I have seen are. The individuals that made a difference in their application and that stood out from the rest, either because they called to follow up or they included an awesome motivational letter specific to the job advertisement in their opening application, were immediately shortlisted.


Looking for work abroad can be daunting but it seriously doesn’t have to be. Give our team of experts a call and we will make sure you stand the best possible chance in securing that dream job!

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