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Which are those popular cities for expats and where are they likely to work

Year on year this country of kiwi’s (fruit and birds), with its awe-inspiring natural scenery and surprisingly buoyant economy, has been voted amongst the top 5 best countries to live in. Annually thousands of people from around the world head out to New Zealand every year in order to live and work there for a few years, making the country a popular expat destination.

Which Are Those Popular Cities For Expats And Where Are They Likely To Work

Auckland big city bright lights

Auckland, is the country’s capital and situated to the North of the Northern Island (as it is referred to by locals). This bustling metropolis is home to 1.4 million residents -just over 30% of the country’s overall population.


Auckland has always been known for offering residents and visitors a true cosmopolitan experience with ample excellent restaurants and live entertainment. Fantastic shopping opportunities, excellent infra structure with access to public transport, an abundance of outdoor activities and a mild climate – all set in an amazing city which is essentially a gorgeous harbour town.

Almost entirely surrounded by water, the “City of Sails” has two harbours, beautiful beaches, and plenty of waterfront residential areas.

Wellington in the deep South

Small and cold but bursting with opportunity – this is how expats should view Wellington.

New Zealand’s legislative and cultural capital is home to only 400,000 residents and there is more work than people – a good problem to have!

Wellington is in the Deep South of the Northern Island and is more or less in the middle of this long island-country.
And if you are willing to venture a little further South the historical city of Christchurch also holds plenty of employment opportunities for expats, as it is the largest city on New Zealand’s South Island.

Which jobs are available to expats?

Getting a visa and working rights in New Zealand is a whole lot quicker and more likely to be successful is you have a job offer in hand, so it is certainly a good idea to make a serious job of finding a good job before you pack your rain coat.

There are jobs but you will still have to fight for it because your competition might be fierce. Successful expats and migrants who have succeeded in finding employment in New Zealand stress the importance of being persistent and, most importantly, not easily discouraged.


Those with qualification and experience in healthcare and education have good chances of finding a job in New Zealand. While some professions such as IT experts, engineers, and scientists are always in demand.

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