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Why Life in Canada is so much sweeter

Everyone has their reasons for immigrating.  You might be after a better career which offers you more opportunities at gaining valuable experience and a better salary.  Perhaps you just need some peace and quiet in an environment where you feel safe with an effective and respected government.  You could be considering such a big move to give your children access to excellent schooling with safe child friendly parks where they can play free from the worries of being the target of crime.

 Moving is a huge undertaking, especially if you’re moving to an entirely new country.  It can be very stressful too and if you are like most people facing an enormous life-changing event, you have undoubtedly started reading everything you can about your new country.

We took a look at why so many migrants are placing Canada at the top of their list when it comes to picking a new country.

With beautiful natural scenery, universal healthcare and progressive politics, there’s a lot attracting new residents to the ‘Great White North’, as the country is affectionately known.  Most expats and migrants are in unanimous agreement; Canada is an awesome place to live!

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The economy is booming

News just in in South Africa is that the local economy is not doing well which is of grave concern to all South Africans.  In fact the gross domestic product fell by 2.2% in the first quarter of 2018 said Stats SA on 5 June 2018. This is the largest quarter-on-quarter decline since the first quarter of 2009. 

In stark contrast Canada has the 10th largest economy in the world, and it’s a country known for its economic freedom.  This makes starting a business in Canada a rather easy process which has contributed to a strong GDP and growing economy.

Canada is also always looking for new talent to replenish their talent pool and as such the country has one of the lowest unemployment rates in the world.


Canada’s Healthcare system is well respected all over the world.  Healthcare is not only free but is of the best quality you are likely to come across in any country.  Canada spends a whopping average of C$ 4,000.00 of their GDP per resident / citizen per year providing top notch healthcare.  Based on the current exchange rate that would be the equivalent of R39 000 per person in South Africa!  Canada does not only provide emergency medical care but preventative treatment such as eye and dental exams are free of charge too.

Crime is low

Since 1991, Canada’s general crime rate has been steadily declining. Violent crime is rare in Canada, which makes it one of the safest countries in the world.

Many South Africans say that incidence of violent crime is their main motivation for considering immigration. In the 2016/17 the murder rate stood at a shocking 52 murders per 100 000 citizens a day. In 2001 a South African was more likely to be murdered than die in a car crash.

Education is excellent and cheap

Canada’s public school system has a reputation for quality, and it’s free for all residents up to their high school graduation. With an education expenditure of some 6.6% of GDP, Canada has the highest proportion of career and skill based education. The country boasts an overall 51.3% of literacy rate in the population with tertiary education.  The country places second on the FEDENA World Literacy rankings.

The great outdoors is truly great

Here is where South Africa probably beats Canada a bit.  South Africans are used to long hot summers and rather balmy winters which means spending time outdoors is a popular past time for most families.  We are fortunate that South Africa boasts some of the world’s most awe-inspiring scenery and is home to a large number of World Heritage Sites.  But Canada certainly is one of the most beautiful and scenic countries in the world offering residents and visitors splendid vistas of gorgeous forests, snowy mountains and rocky beaches.  Spending time outdoors in Canada is considered very safe and for most Canadian family the outdoors is part of their life-style.  While the winters can be very cold Canadians have found outdoorsy ways to enjoy the frosty weather too.


Canada is welcoming and respected

Canada holds a worldwide reputation for being welcoming and tolerant of migrants across every race and religion.  Canadians are famously friendly, kind and welcoming. Canada is also well-respected on the world stage, due in part to its progressive politics.

Last year Canada announced that it would grant residency and citizenship to more than a million foreigners, from all over the world, in a three-year period ending in 2020. The country is a happy melting pot of cultures, traditions, languages, lifestyles and religions co-existing peacefully, contributing positively to the Canadian way of life.



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