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You can join your children in Canada with the Parent Visa

Have your children immigrated to Canada and are you missing them and your grandchildren?  Did you know that you could join them in Canada for an extended period by obtaining a Parent Super Visa?  Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada last year launched a brand new visa specifically designed to reunite families like never before.


Essentially your children or working grand children who are Canadian citizens must invite you to live with them and promise to be responsible for all your physical, financial and health needs.  The visa is then granted for a period of two years at a time and is renewable.  This is the main difference between a visitor’s visa and a Parent Visa. Currently, most visitors to Canada may visit for up to six months when they first enter Canada. Visitors who wish to stay longer must apply for an extension, and pay a new fee but with the parent and grandparent super visa, eligible parents and grandparents can visit family in Canada for up to two years without the need to renew their status.

The parent and grandparent super visa

The super visa lets you visit your children or grandchildren for up to two years at a time. For shorter visits of up to 6 months you could obtain a visitor’s visa instead.

To be eligible for the Parent Super Visa, you must:

  • be the parent or grandparent of a Canadian citizen or a permanent resident of Canada
  • have a signed letter from the child or grandchild who invites you to Canada that includes:
    • a promise of financial support for the duration of your visit
    • the list and number of people in the household of this person
    • a copy of this person’s Canadian citizenship or permanent resident document
  • have medical insurance from a CANADIAN insurance company that is:
    • valid for at least one year from the date of entry
    • at least $100,000 for minimum coverage
    • have proof that the medical insurance has been paid (quotes aren’t accepted)


You must also:

  • be allowed to enter Canada
  • take an immigration medical exam
  • meet certain other conditions

Financial support (proof of funds)

The child or grandchild who invites you must prove that their household meets the minimum necessary income.  It is best to discuss the necessary requirements with an experienced immigration consultant, as a lack of proof will result in the immediate denial of your application.

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