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5 ways to avoid South African Visa Denials.

5 ways to avoid South African Visa Denials

5 Ways To Avoid South African Visa Denials

When you submit your application to the South African Embassy or Department of Home Affairs and all documents are reviewed, the case office either approves or denies it based on the South African Immigration regulations of 2014.

There are numerous reasons why your visa application may have been denied. When a visa is denied, the person is given 10 days to lodge an appeal and the reasons are stipulated as to why the visa may have been denied.

So let’s discuss how you can avoid the visa denial process;

1. Visa Eligibility

Before submitting your application for a South African Temporary Long Stay Visa, its best you check that you qualify for the particular visa you are interested in applying for. This can be done by checking that all requirements are met by you the applicant or by making use of the service of a visa facilitation company to secure your visa.

2. Incomplete Visa Application

When you submit an incomplete visa application, the Department of Home Affairs would reject your application. If the case officer has not received all your required documentation then this means you’re not eligible for this specific visa. The Department of Home Affairs will reject your application and may allow you to appeal within 10 days. They can request the missing documentation to further process your application.

3. Misrepresentation of Documents

Any applicant who submits an application with documents that have been falsified will be denied and rejected.

4. Criminal Records

If you have committed a crime and been convicted for a year or more then this can potentially harm your visa application. Any serious crimes committed in the past will definitely lead to a refusal. Offences like DUI might be accepted by the Department of Home Affairs at their discretion.

5. Medical and Radiology Records

Any person submitting the incorrect medical and radiology form will result in a visa denial. Any person who has been diagnosed with TB (Tuberculosis) will not succeed in obtaining a visa for South Africa.

 Avoid the VISA DENIAL stage and let New World Immigration secure your South African Visa.

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