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A message to all Zimbabwean DZP Holders

A message to all Zimbabwean DZP Holders

A Message To All Zimbabwean DZP Holders

In 2010 the South African Government issued free permits (DZP) to every Zimbabwean national who is here in South Africa, I am sure there is more than a million Zimbabweans living here in South Africa as well.

Then in 2014 they decided that those permits cannot be renewed, most of us have already invested in this country and for one to be sent back home after so many years, some of you have made families, built homes and so forth, so now each individual has to go back to Zimbabwe to apply for a new General Work Permit, (New Immigration laws/Regulations 2014). I am sure we all familiar on how hard it is to obtain it from Belgravia (South African Embassy).

Some would sleep there for days and even weeks just for them to get a permit, now picture this, let’s just say a 100 thousand people all want to and apply for a General Work Permit there, How chaotic is it going to be? Do you think your present boss would wait for you while you spend months just to get a work permit? I didn’t think so as well. Now imagine everyone who is here going back to apply from Zimbabwe and some are from Bulawayo, Kwekwe, Mutare and so forth and you dont have families in Harare, how are you going to do this.

We are all smarter than this and we can actually stop being ignorant and smell the coffee, but when this really goes down, dont say you were not warned, move from the DZP and apply for a new permit that actually allows you to have a Permanent Residence and continue living, working with your family and friends, it’s easy and straight forward.

We all know with the saying “Ndamabakuudzwa akaona nembonje pahuma”, for those who dont understand Shona it simply means, “He who is doesn’t listen/Ignorant, treads on the path of trouble.

Knowledge is power, Make use of it...

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