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Air Conditioning and Mechanical Services Plumber – Critical Skills Visa South Africa

The Department of Home Affairs in June 2014 under the new immigration regulations published the critical skills list which aims to assist employers in finding suitable foreign candidates in certain emerging sectors such as:

Air Conditioning And Mechanical Services Plumber – Critical Skills Visa South Africa

• Agriculture, Agricultural Operations and Related sciences
• Architecture and the Built Environment
• Business, Economics and Management Studies
• Information and Communication & Technology
• Engineering
• Health Professions and Related Clinical Sciences
• Life and Earth Sciences
• Professionals and Associate Professionals
• Trades
• Business Processing Outsourcing
• Academics and Researchers
• Post Graduate (PhD acquired in South Africa)

The Local labour market in South Africa at this point, however cannot provide the necessary skills, experience and sufficient quantity that employers are currently seeking for. The critical skills visa has been implemented to eliminate the struggle of filling these skill shortages. Today, one of the most sought after occupation’s in South Africa is Air Conditioning and Mechanical Services Plumber.

The Department of Home Affairs realises the lack of skills shortages and has now prioritized this by introducing the critical skills visa which in turn offers qualified applicant’s a host of advantages like:

• The Department of Home Affairs has made the critical skills path easy and straight forward by allowing a highly skilled foreigner to apply for this visa without submitting proof of employment – no job offer is needed when applying for this visa.

• The applicant will be given a 12 month grace period to secure employment in South Africa. All applicants must notify the Department if they secure employment by submitting a contract of employment.

• A critical skills visa directly leads to permanent residence – subject to five years experience.

• Unlike a general work visa, applicants are not required to place an advertisement in a national newspaper or obtain a letter from the Department of Labour.

• A critical skills visa is not tied to a specific employer which allows applicants freedom of movement between employers just as long as they are employed under the same occupational category filled for.

Applications for a critical skills visa can only be submitted if your occupation is listed on the critical skills (View Critical Skills List for South Africa). Applications must be submitted abroad in your country of residence if you hold no valid SA temporary residence long stay visa. Foreigners currently in SA using a valid temporary long stay visa may apply for a change of status in country.

Criteria for a Critical Skills Visa Application:

• Confirmation in writing from the accredited professional body, council or board recognised by SAQA or any relevant government department confirming the skills or qualifications of the applicant and appropriate post qualifications experience.

• Proof of application for certificate of registration with the accredited professional body, council or board recognised by SAQA.

• Proof of evaluation of the foreign qualification by SAQA translated by a sworn translator into one of the official languages of the republic.

• A letter of recommendation from a South African statutory research council or public higher education institution.

• Proof of employment within 12 months after obtaining critical skills work visa in a form of employment contract specifying the occupation and capacity in which the foreigner shall be employed.

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