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Applying for Permanent Residency in South Africa - Part2

The ABC’s of Applying for Permanent Residence in South Africa Continued.....

No long intro’s today, just facts that will help you achieve your goals!

The documents that you will need to apply for an exceptional skills PR in SA

It will be beneficial to you if you can submit publications regarding your field of specialisation. Testimonials and references, as well as other documentation that support your claim of your skills will help to make the process an easier one.

Working on a spousal/life partner PR – is it possible?

Yes it is possible! With this type of PR you are allowed to start a business or find employment, just the same as any person born in South Africa.

How long does it normally take for a PR to be granted?

It should be in the region of around 8 months, but due to the work load of the Home Affairs offices, you can expect to wait between 12 and 18 months for your application to be granted.

It is not necessary for you to give up your existing passport when you become a permanent resident of SA.

What to do if you have lost your PR certificate

You will need to fill out a Proof of Residency application in order to get your hands on another PR certificate. The only downside is that you will wait 12 – 18 months before your receive it.

Must you stay in SA once you are a permanent resident?

No, there is no need to stay in the country at all times. You have the freedom to move around wherever you choose to go. You may even live abroad, provided that you return at least once every three years. This is necessary to maintain your status in South Africa.

What you can do in the country when you have PR

When you have been awarded permanent residence in SA, you are allowed to bring your pets, import a car, and buy a house and more. It is advisable that you contact your immigration expert for further details on this subject.

Can I apply for PR on my own or do I need the help of a professional?

It is possible to apply for a PR permit on your own, but it is a rather frustrating process to go through alone. There is a bit of confusion regarding processing times, forms and requirements. It is for this reason that it would be in your best interest to employ a professional to do all the dirty work for you.

The benefits of using an Immigration Expert

  • No long queues to stand in over and over again.
  • No frustrating situations at all.
  • Peace of mind, knowing your application in being handled by a professional.
  • You will get sound advice regarding relocation procedures.
  • All your questions regarding which category to apply for will be answered.

by Robbie Ragless

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