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Are you a first time expat to South Africa

Are you a first time expat to South Africa?

As immigration experts, we know all too well about the common mistakes that are frequently made by first time expats. To help you make your move to South Africa smooth and hiccup free we have compiled a list for first time expats.

Most importantly always plan your big move. If you’re using an Immigration practitioner, let them sort out your paper work before you enter South Africa as Immigration Rules are to be amended soon. Feel free to give us a call so we can do a free assessment which will cost you absolutely nothing! If you are planning to open up a business or work in South Africa then it would be great to keep in mind that delays will occur, so plan well in advance. Temporary residence permits does take anything from 3- 4 months and Permanent Residency will take about 1.5 year to 2 years to be processed.

In order to survive with your day to day necessities, you would need to open a bank account to do transactions. In order to purchase a car or home in South Africa, you would need a bank account. Now there are 2 sorts of bank accounts for foreigners, if you are a tourist in South Africa then you would need to open up a non-residents account but you would only be allowed to bring money into your account from abroad but you would not be allowed to deposit money. If you have managed to secure a work permit or permanent residency then things does become easier as they would help you secure a residents bank account which has no restrictions placed on it. For both these accounts you would need to present proof of identity (Passport), Utility bill (Proof of residency), Opening deposit into your account and letter from employer.

Every day we receive calls from expats expressing frustration as many prospective employers request a work permit but the regulations does state, a job offer first needs to be secured before applying for a work permit. So next time an employer requests for a work permit, please do yourself a favour and educate them through the process or simply give us a call to speak to their HR department.

As many countries experiences crime, it is always wise to first do some research about an certain area you are interested in before renting a house and always make sure it is in a secure area that is not situated next to a poor neighbourhood. It’s important to think about the lifestyle you would like to lead as Cape Town which is more laid back as opposed to Jo’burg where lifestyle is fast and everything is a concrete jungle.

Give us a call and our friendly consultants will do a free assessment and make your move to South Africa comfortable as possible.

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