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Assessing your qualifications to secure employment in South Africa

Assessing your qualifications to secure employment in South Africa!

Assessing Your Qualifications To Secure Employment In South Africa

If you have recently moved to South Africa or thinking about moving, then this article will guide you in assessing your qualifications. Before you start working in South Africa, you would need to assess your qualifications to see whether they are on par with South African standards. The first step in the right direction is to determine whether your occupation is regulated by a certain professional council in South Africa.

Regulated Professions;

The Critical Skills Visa requires all person’s to register with a professional council body specific to their occupation. All occupations on the Critical Skills List are regulated and require you to register before successfully receiving the Critical Skills Visa. You need to contact the responsible professional council specific to your occupation to determine which documents you need to supply them with to register as a member. Please keep in mind that certain professional council bodies may need you to complete an examination before registering as a member. Apart from registering with a professional council, you need to assess your qualifications. Please remember that registering as a member with a professional council body does require you to pay certain registration fees.

Non Regulated Occupations and Education;

All non regulated occupations in South Africa do not require one to register with a professional council body, but however needs to assess their foreign qualifications before applying for their appropriate work visa.

If you are looking to further your studies at a South African college or university, you might need to assess your previous foreign qualifications should the education institution require you to complete this.

All applicants who have completed their studies in South Africa are not required to assess their qualifications.

Which South African Work Visas require SAQA evaluation?

General Work Visa

• Critical Skills Visa

The Department of Home Affairs may request a SAQA evaluation certificate at their discretion for the following visas;

Intra-Company Visa

Corporate Work Visa

• Study Visas

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