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Can I use an Immigration Practitioner

Can I use an Immigration Practitioner

Can I Use An Immigration Practitioner

Since the new immigration regulations have been brought into effect as from 26th May 2014, there has been a great deal of speculation and confusion as to whether applicants may or may not, make use of the services of immigration practitioners.

Under the new immigration regulations, section 46 which refers to immigration practitioners has been repealed. The public has misinterpreted the removal of section 46, assuming that foreigners are prohibited from making use of immigration practitioners to prepare their application for submission.

The removal of section 46 simply means that immigration practitioners no longer have power of attorney to submit your application to the Department of Home Affairs. This simply means all applicants applying for a visa, needs to appear in person at the Home Affairs submission centre to have their biometrics data captured and submit their application.

So what is the new role of NWI Immigration Practitioners?

• Advise all clients with regards to documentation specific to their case
• Check and prepare application for submission
• Register and schedule appointment with your closest Home Affairs submission centre
• Track online application progress

Do I have to submit in the region where my immigration practitioner is located?

No, NWI Immigration Practitioners will schedule an appointment that is most suitable for you in terms of location and your availability to get your biometrics captured.

New World Immigration and its consultants are 100% in tune with the new immigration regulations and therefore increases your chance of getting your visa approved. Contact New World immigration for a free assessment if you’re a first time applicant or click on the following links if you visa is up for renewal;

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Life Partner Renewal
Relatives Renewal
General Work Visa Renewal
Study Visa Renewal
Business Visa Renewal
Volunteer Renewal
Visit Visa Renewal

Check to see if you qualify for the following;

Apply for Critical Skills (Download Critical Skills List)
Apply for Intra-company Transfer

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