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Corporate General Manager

Notice: Corporate General Manager | Critical Skills Visa

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Corporate General Manager

Notice to all clients applying under the Corporate General Manager for a Critical Skills Visa

IoDSA Position on Critical Skills Visa Requirements

Following consultation with the Department of Home Affairs (DHA) and the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) on 22nd September 2014, we hereby confirm the position of the Institute of Directors in Southern Africa (IoDSA) with regard to the Critical Skills Visa requirements relating to professional bodies.


The IoDSA is a non-statutory, voluntary association for directors recognised by SAQA as a professional body.

Confirmation of skills, qualifications and experience

There are no underpinning qualifications required for the award of membership of the IoDSA and as such, we undertake no verification of skills or qualifications for any of our current membership categories.

Membership eligibility is determined against the criteria below based on self-declaration and no verification is undertaken due to the voluntary nature of our membership.

The following positions qualify for IoDSA membership:

• A director or alternate director
• A company secretary trustees
• An executive
• A partner or associate or senior manager of a professional practice e.g. accountants, architects, stockbrokers, attorneys
• A member of a close corporation
• A director – general, head of department or accounting officer of members of the accounting authority in the public sector
• Tertiary academic personnel at the level of, or equivalent to, professor or senior lecturer

Proof of membership

Membership of the IoDSA is not a mandatory requirement for the practice of directorship nor does it confer a license to operate within the profession. The DHA requirements for a Critical Skills Visa state that proof of membership should be submitted “if required by law”, which in the case of IoDSA membership, does not apply.

Chartered Director (SA) – CD (SA)

The IoDSA has a registered designation with SAQA which involves an assessment and certification process. Candidates who successfully complete the requirements for Chartered Director (SA) may be entitled to confirmation of competence against the IoDSA Director Competency Framework, however extensive experience as a practicing director is required for acceptance into the CD(SA) process and standard application and processing procedures are requirements along with the full successful completion of the 4 phase process for such confirmation to apply.

Our position as stated above has been confirmed during our consultation with DHA and SAQA.

Yours faithfully

Mrs Angela

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