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Documents required for Work Permit in South Africa

Find below the latest list of documents you will need for a General Work Permit for South Africa.

Application Form (1)

  • Application Form
    Depending on where you are submitting, you will need the Bi1738, Bi1739 or Bi 1740 form. The company employing you will also need to complete a section at the back of the form

  • Government fee
    This is dependent on where you are submitting your application

  • Passport
  • Repat / Undertaking repatriation of the applicant.
    This financial requirement gives the South African government financial resource to repatriate you should the need arise. It is a deposit and is returned when you acquire permanent residency or leave the country

  • Police Clearance
  • Medical and Radiological Report
  • Marriage Certificate if applicable
  • Birth certificate if accompanying child
  • If a minor child, proof of guardianship or custody
  • Bank Statements
    Normally 3 months bank statements are needed

  • SAQA Cert
    This is an application made to the South African Qualifications Authority and must be applied for before you submit your application. Speak to New World Immigration if you dont have qualifications.The reason for this applciation is to determine if your qualifications are comparable to South African standards.

  • Labour Certificate
    This application is made to the Department of Labour to establish if the salary on offer is comparable to South African standard salary structures.

  • Signed contract
  • Letter from employer
  • Proof of experience and skills in line with the job offer.
  • Letter from employer motivating why a citizen or PR holder could not fill position.
  • 5 Failed CV's
  • Proof of publication of advertisement in national media. 6cm X 6cm.
  • Must show particulars of publication
  • Stipulate the minimum qualifications and experience required to fill position
  • Clearly define the position offered and duties to be performed
  • State the closing date for the application
  • Not to be older than 3 months at closing date of application
  • Undertaking from Employer to notify H/A should applicant leave
  • If required by law, proof of registration with professional body or council
  • Full particulars of employer including proof of business registration. 
  • The Employer must fill out a section of the application form so allow time for this.

by Robbie Ragless

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