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Energy Engineering Technologists featured on Critical Skills List

The South African Department of Home Affairs published the critical skills list which boasts more than 120 occupations which is drastically needed in SA. Today, we have a closer look at how energy engineering technologist can secure a critical skills visa for South Africa.

Energy Engineering Technologists Featured On Critical Skills List

The critical skills visa will only be issued to applicants who meet the following criteria:

- Register or license your occupation in South Africa with the appropriate professional accredited body.

- Evaluate you’re your foreign qualifications in South Africa

- You occupation must be featured on the critical skills list (View List)

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If your critical skills visa application is successful, you will be allowed to work and live in South Africa for a period of 5 years and no ties to a specific employer. First time applications must be submitted abroad if no valid South African temporary residence visa has been issued to you before. Applications will not be accepted in SA if you are currently using a visitor’s visa or medical visa.

Why apply for a critical skills visa:

- No job offer required

- No Department of labour required

- Critical Skills Visa leads to permanent residency

- Multiple entry visa

The critical skills visa allows any applicant who has more than 5 years experience to apply simultaneously for permanent residency. The critical skills visa can be extended in South Africa and must be done 60 days before expiry.

Energy Engineering Technologists must prove 3 years experience in the following tasks:

- Participate in training or continuing education activities to stay abreast of engineering or industry advances.

- Assist engineers and scientists in conducting applied research in electrical engineering.

- Diagnose, test, or analyze the performance of electrical components, assemblies, or systems.

- Set up and operate standard or specialized testing equipment.

- Review installation or quality assurance documentation.

- Review, develop, and prepare maintenance standards.

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