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Engineers needed in South Africa!

Engineers needed in South Africa!

Engineers Needed In South Africa

The Department of Home Affairs has recently introduced the Critical Skills Visa to invite highly skilled applicants to fill certain occupations that are in high demand and impossible to recruit within the local South African labour market.

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Which Engineers are needed in South Africa?

• Energy Engineer
• Metallurgical Engineer
• Chemical Engineer
• Civil Engineer
• Electrical Engineer
• Electrical Installation Inspector
• Electronics Engineer
• Geologist
• Industrial and Production Engineers
• Industrial Designer
• Manufacturing Managers
• Materials Engineer
• Mechanical Engineer
• Mining Engineer
• Production/Operations Manager
• Quality System Manager
• Research and Development Manager
• Ship’s Engineer
• Telecommunications Engineers
• Electrical Engineering Technologist
• Energy Engineering Technologist
• Mechanical Engineering Technologist
• Metallurgical Engineering Technologist
• Mining Engineering Technologist
• Air Conditioning and Mechanical Services Plumber
• Automotive Electrician
• Automotive Motor Mechanic
• Boiler Maker
• Chemical Engineering Technologist
• Civil Engineering Technologist
• Diesel Mechanic
• Electronics Engineering Technologist
• Fitter and Turner
• Materials Engineering Technologist
• Mechatronics Technician
• Metal Fabricator
• Physical and Engineering Science Technicians
• Pressure Welder
• Structural Plaster
• Toolmaker

I have not secured employment, would this be a potential problem?

No, the Critical Skills Visa allows you to search and secure employment within a period of 12 months. So this means that no job offer is needed to apply for this work visa.

What are the requirements to apply for this visa?

• Occupation listed on the Critical Skills Occupation List

• Foreign Qualifications assessed by SAQA

• Registered with a professional council specific to your occupation

What is the validity period of the Critical Skills Visa?

The Critical Skills Visa is valid for a period of 5 years and is renewable.

Can I apply for Permanent Residency?

Any applicant who can prove more than 5 years relevant work experience can apply simultaneously for permanent residency.

Can I bring my family?

Yes you are allowed to bring your family to South Africa. Your partner must apply for the dependent spouse visa which will entitle him/her to accompany you for the duration of your Critical Skills Visa. The dependant spouse visa does not permit your partner to work in South Africa. A dependent spouse will have to qualify for the correct work visa and apply for a change of status in South Africa should they wish to work. Any children who are not of school going age may apply for the dependent children’s visa and any children who are of school going age must apply for a study visa.

Can New World Immigration assist me in applying for the Critical Skills Visa?

Yes, New World Immigration specialises in South African Immigration. New World Immigration will assist with the following:

• Visa Eligibility

• Dedicated Support Team

• Advising

• Preparing your application

• Assessing your qualifications

Can I apply for a Critical Skills Visa in South Africa?

No, the South African immigration regulations do not permit any applicant to apply for a change of status in South Africa if he or she is currently using a visitor’s visa or medical visa. The application for a Critical Skills Visa must be lodged in your country of residence.

What are the processing times for a Critical Skills Visa?

Once your application has been successfully lodged abroad, then it would roughly take between 30 – 40 working days before it’s issued to you.

Contact New World Immigration to assist you in securing your Critical Skills Visa. Our friendly consultants will offer a free visa consultation to see whether you are eligible to apply for the Critical Skills Visa.

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