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Expected Changes Part 2

Expected Changes Part 2


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As you might have noticed in Part 1, there are a number of changes that could be taking place with regards to immigration rules and regulations. Here are some more of the proposed changes.

Business Visa

Business Visas, which are for the purpose of setting up a business in South Africa, currently requires that the applicant has a capital investment of at least R2.5 million (ZAR). There are discussions that this amount may be increased in the near future. Anyone applying for a Business Visa will also need to confirm that after a period of 12 months, a minimum of 60% of all their employees will either be Permanent Residency holders or South African citizens. The proposed increase in the amount needed for the capital investment will mean that less people will be able to move to SA, but the 60% requirement for having a local workforce within the stipulated period will make this visa attainable to many people.

Life Partner Visas

The Life Partner Visa that currently allows foreign nationals to live with South African partners could very well be affected by a number of changes. Applicants will need to provide proof that they have in fact been with their partner for a period of no less than five years and that they will have enough funds to sustain themselves for a period of five years after applying for the visa. Couples who are currently living in South Africa and who have not been together for at least five years, but the foreign partner is in possession of a Life Partner Permit that is due to expire (12-24mths) will need to find other visa options. Renewal or extension visas that do not comply with the five year rule will not be possible.

Final Thoughts Regarding These Changes

Immigration as we know it is changing, and even though many who are in this industry are voicing their concerns and opinions with regard to some of the proposed changes that the Department of Home Affairs intends on implementing, it does appear that the Government is set to push the laws through.

We at New World Immigration believe that is of vital importance to our clients to keep them informed and to prepare them for the changes that may occur by providing clients with solutions to the new rules and regulations. The Immigration changes are bound to happen and we would like to be able to assist our clients with any queries that they may have regarding the changes. Contact our team for further assistance.

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