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FAQ About Permanent Residency

FAQ About Permanent Residency

1. I lost my permanent residency certificate; can I apply for a new one?

Yes, you are allowed to apply for a new PR certificate. You need to lodge the proof of residency application to receive your new certificate.

2. What is the processing time for Permanent Residency application?

The Department of home affairs states that it should take up to 8 months to process your application. Home Affairs is currently experiencing a massive backlog and processing times for a permanent residency application is between 12 to 18 months.

3. What is the validity period for Permanent Residency?

Permanent residency is valid for a life time, but you would need to be present once every 3 years. If you fail to do so then a new application for permanent residency needs to be lodged at the Department of Home Affairs.

4. Am I allowed to work in South Africa with my permanent residency certificate?

Yes you are allowed to work. You have the same right as any South African, besides voting and receiving a South African pension.

5. Do I still qualify if I have a criminal record?

If it’s not a serious offence such as rape or murder then you would still qualify. Convictions such as Driving under the influence or traffic fines are not taken seriously.

6. I have Tuberculosis; would I still qualify for permanent residency?

No, you would not qualify as TB is infectious and the Department of Home Affairs would deem you as an undesirable person.

7. How do I know if I qualify for permanent residency?

7.1 Relatives Permit; if you have any biological family members such as (Father, Mother, Brother or Sister) who are permanent residents, then may you apply for permanent residency.

7.2 Spousal/Life Partner; If you have completed 5 years of marriage or 5 years of cohabitation, then you qualify for permanent residency.

7.3 Quota permit; if your company has permanently employed you, then you qualify to apply for permanent residency even though a 5 year period has not been completed.

7.4 Exceptional skills permit; once your exceptional skills visa has been approved, then you qualify to apply for permanent residency immediately.

7.5 General Work Permit; in order to qualify for permanent residency on a general work permit, you would need to complete at least 5 years on your permit.

7.6 Retirement permit; if you earn R 20, 000.00 monthly in the form of pensions, retirement annuities then you qualify to apply for permanent residency.

7.7 Business permit; If you have invested at least R 2,5 million within your business and created 5 job for local South Africans, then you qualify for permanent residency.

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