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Foreign students must now show proof of medical aid cover

Essentially this means that any student planning on studying in South Africa must now prove that any medical treatment they might require during their stay in South Africa will not be a financial burden to the South African Government.

Foreign Students Must Now Proof Medical Aid Cover

The Department have said that the new allowance is in line with the Department’s effort to streamline and simplify the South African visa and permanent residency application processes.

The directive is an addition to the existing Study Visa Regulations, but states that although the Director-General has issued a notice that students are no longer required to be a member a South African medical aid, they must still be covered by a private medical aid scheme. Upon application of their South African Study Visa, would have to present sufficient proof that this is the case which would require written proof from both the parent and the particular medical aid or health insurance organization.

However, the notice is clear that this waiver by the Director-General is only applicable to students under the age of 18 who are registered as a student / learner at a South African institution which is, in terms of the South African Schools Act, a recognized and officially registered learning institution.

We suggest that foreign nationals considering applying for a South African visa consult a professional immigration agent such as New World Immigration.

South Africa’s travel laws are newly amended and continue to undergo tweaks and changes which could mean a delay in your visa application or even the rejection thereof.


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