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Frequently Asked Questions about the Intra-Company Visa 2014-2015

Frequently Asked Questions about the Intra-Company Visa 2014-2015

Frequently Asked Questions About The Intra Company Visa 2014 2015

Your business is growing. You have branches of your business overseas or affiliate branches. You need to send in workers to train the new employees. How do you send workers from one of your overseas branches to your South African Branch? The answer lies in the Intra Company Transfer Visa. Think of it as a streamlined process to transfer your employee’s skills from country to country. Maybe you have heard nightmares about obtaining work visas and are unsure of how to move forward. This is where New World Immigration can make bringing in foreign workers a smooth process and we excel in what we do.

The Intra company transfer is not designed to be a long term visa. The idea is to bring in foreign workers employed by the company abroad with a branch or subsidiary branch here in South Africa; they work or conduct training for four years, and then return home.

This permit does not require the hassle of proving the company could not find suitable applicants and it does not require the hassle of verifying an applicant’s formal qualifications. It is based purely on employment. If you are a company that needs to transfer in foreign employers, please contact us and New World Immigration will make this go as smoothly as possible

1. What is the validity of an Intra-Company Visa?
The validity of an Intra-company visa is now 4 years and is non – extendable.

2. Can I bring my family?

Yes you are allowed to bring your family. Your wife/husband would need to apply as an accompanying dependent and kids who need to attend school will have to apply for a student visa.

3. Am I allowed to switch employers?

No, your Intra-Company Visa is tied to your specific employer and should you wish to be employed elsewhere, you then need to make provision to apply for a Critical Skills Visa or General Work Visa if you qualify.

4. Can I apply for permanent residency?

No, you need to complete 5 years on a work visa. If you apply for a change of status closer to your expiry of your Intra-Company Visa and complete 1 year to make up 5 years then only can you apply for permanent residency.

5. What does my South African Branch need to submit?

Your employer needs to prove that you have been employed with the company for more than 6 months. A letter stating that you are being transferred to a South African branch. A letter stating that you’ll not be staying in South Africa for more than 4 years.

6. Can I apply for an Intra-Company Visa in South Africa?

No, you need to submit your application abroad at a South African Embassy and enter with your Intra-Company Visa into South Africa.

Contact New World Immigration to facilitate this process for you. Call us and our friendly consultants will assist you. +27 21 555 0951 or email us at


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