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Frequently Asked Questions about Visa/Permits

Frequently Asked Questions about Visa/Permits

New World Immigration understands that applying for your temporary residence permit can be a frustrating process. The Department of Home Affairs often unable to plan their activities effectively and to top it all, staff members are inadequately trained to assist foreigners. New World Immigration has compiled a list of frequently asked questions to make your immigration process a bit easier and pain free. Our consultants are happy to assist you with any queries, should you have further questions.

What are the benefits of using New World Immigration?

New World Immigration gives you the security of knowing your visa will be approved and combined, we have over 40 years of experience in the immigration field. All clients enjoy an open line of communication with our support team and each client receives a dedicated support team assigned to their case.

Do I need to remain in South Africa once I receive my Visa/Permit?
Once you permit has been approved, you are allowed to leave South Africa to visit family or attend to personal matters.

Do I need to apply for a work permit if I’m using a Life Partner/Spousal Visa?

No, you are allowed to add working rights to a Life/Spousal visa, but in order to receive this endorsement you would need a job offer and contract.
Do I need to apply for a Business Permit if I’m using a Life/Spousal Visa?

No, in order to receive a business endorsement, you need to register your business with CIPC. The advantage of this is that the investment criteria would not be applicable to you.

My husband/wife has a valid work permit in South Africa? Am I allowed to work using the accompanying dependant permit?

No, you are not allowed to work. You would need to apply for your own work permit in South Africa and you would need to secure a job offer in South Africa before applying for your work permit.

I’m currently using a General Work Permit; Do I need a new work permit when I change employers?

Yes you would need to apply for a new General Work Permit.

How long does it take to process a temporary residence permit?

The Department of Home Affairs processing times has been 30 days but due to delays it has now moved up to 60 – 80 days to process applications.

If I have Tuberculosis, will I qualify for a Temporary residence permit?

No, you will not qualify for a visa/permit as this is an infectious disease.

I have a criminal record? Would the department of Home Affairs still consider my application?

The department of Home Affairs would still consider your application if your offence has not been serious such as rape or murder etc. If you have been convicted for any traffic offences or driving under the influence then you stand a pretty good chance of obtaining a temporary residence permit.

Do I need to pay the repatriation fee?

If you are applying for a work permit then you may waiver this requirement if your employer submits a letter of undertaking to the Department of Home Affairs.

What types of Temporary Residence Permit does Home Affairs offer?

Quota Permit
Retirement Permit
Student Permit
Volunteers Permit
Medical Permit
Business Permit
Visit Visa
Business Visa
Spousal Visa
Life Partner
Relatives Permit
General Work Permit
Intra Company Permit
Exceptional Skill Permit

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