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Get off your Dispensation Permit Now - Message for our Zimbabwean Clients

Overview of Dispensation Permit for Zimbabweans

Almost four years ago, the South African government issued Dispensation permits to Zimbabweans who wanted to legally reside in South Africa and work. The permits were issued to deal with the growing number of illegal immigrants coming from this region.

Four years are almost up and Zimbabwean nationals are waiting patiently to hear news on what their fate will be concerning the extension of this permit.

Until now, no official statements have been made by the Department of Home Affairs and time is ticking. Over the past 3-4 months, we have been inundated with queries from concerned foreign nationals desperately wanting to find out what to do.

We have the Solution!

The Department of Home Affairs views the plight of the dispensation program as serious and we thnk the delay in information being provided is purely because the Department just doesnt have a plan.

Our answer to this problem is to recommend that all dispensation applicants convert their permtis to a General Work Permit immediately. It is our view that the Department of Home Affairs, when reviewing these applications, will take a lighter approach when scrutinising the legitimaqcy of such applications and grant them without too much hassle.

If you are on a dispensation permit and you are currently working, speak to your employer and find out if they will sponsor you for a General Work Permit. 

Call our consultants today to find out more about this.

by Robbie Ragless


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