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Get your medical visa and gain access to South Africa’s top class private medical facilities

Get your medical visa and gain access to South Africa’s top class private medical facilities

Get Your Medical Visa And Gain Access To South Africa’S Top Class Private Medical Facilities

South Africa is home to some of the world’s most affordable private medical care facilities in the world. Known for the excellent quality of medical professionals and the superior training of medical students, it is no surprise that many South African medical professionals were trained and educated on South African soil.

South African educated and trained Dr Christian Barnard was the toast of the international community when in 1967 he performed the world’s first successful heart transplant in a South African medical centre.

But other South Africans have also received international recognition and includes former UK Chief Medical Statistician Dr AM Adelstein, billionaire Patrick Soon-Shiong surgeon and founder of Abraxis BioScience and 1951 Nobel Prize winner Dr max Theiler.

South Africa is home to 5 of the top 6 medical, biology and science faculties on the continent.

According to the 2013 – 2014 Times Higher Education World University Rankings the University of Witwatersrand’s school of medicine is placed at number 126 in the world and the University of Cape Town placed at number 226. This is even more remarkable when one considers that there are more than 2,372 medical faculties in the world.

Recently the country’s dedicated doctors enjoyed a lot of well- deserved international recognition with their break-through work in treating two very young burn victims. The team was led by Johannesburg doctor Ridwan Mia.

If you have selected one of the world class medical centres South Africa has to offer, you will have to prepare your visa and travel documentation.

Foreigners, who will be receiving medical treatment in South Africa exceeding 3 months, will have to obtain a specific medical visa. This visa allows foreigners to live in the country on a temporary basis whilst receiving treatment at one of the country’s registered and recognized medical facilities.

If you are in South Africa with a medical visa you will not be permitted to work in the country during your stay.

There are more requirements foreigners would have to comply with if they enter the country on a medical visa, it is therefore in your best interest to speak to someone who is up to date with the latest visa requirements in the republic.

New World Immigration offers a valuable, professional service to anyone interested in obtaining a visa to enter the country. The team of qualified consultants will be able to give you the best advice possible ensuring your successful visa application.

The team at New World Immigration has access to all the latest legislation and rules regarding South African visas and will be able to consult with you on the best visa option for you.

In our experience a medical visa is typically processed within about 30 days. Besides the normal documentation required such as a passport, a clear criminal record and access to enough funds to sustain your stay in the country, you will be required to submit further documentation. By obtaining the professional assistance from a New World Immigration team member you will be on the shortest fastest road to having access to some of the world’s top medical care facilities.

Submit an enquiry and our firendly consultants will call back within 24 hours!

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