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How to add working rights to your existing Life Partner Spousal visa

How to add working rights to your existing Life Partner / Spousal visa

How To Add Working Rights To Your Existing Life Partner Spousal Visa

Have you fallen in love with a South African and our beautiful country? Would you like to start the next chapter here at the Southern tip of Africa hugged by the Indian ocean to the East and the Atlantic Ocean to the West.

Good news! You can apply for a spousal visa if you are the life partner or spouse of foreign nationality, provided your partner is either a South African citizen or has permanent residency in the country.

The newly gazetted immigration laws and visa application process may influence your ability to stay in South Africa as you could be denied access to the country for up to five years should you not be in possession of the correct visa or an expired visa.

Not having the correct paperwork could result in you being declared an ‘undesirable’ person by the South African Home Affairs Department and you will be deported.

Speak to one of the trained consultants at New World Immigration who will help put your mind at ease as to what you need know. They will also guide you through the steps of applying for a visa on time and will highlight potential pitfalls that you should be aware of to prevent action against you at border posts.

Now that you have decided to set down routes in South Africa you might want to also work in the country and contribute to the economy, but to work in South Africa legally you would need the appropriate visa.

A spousal visa allows you to ad working rights to your visa. Speak to a New World Immigration consultant about applying for your working rights.

How long will it take to add working rights to my visa?

Based on our experience of processing hundreds of these applications we can safely say that you can expect to wait around 30 to 40 days for your working rights to be added.

Do I need a job offer before I apply for my work rights to be added?
Yes, you do. You must apply to add working rights to your visa as soon as you have a job offer. Working rights are job specific which means you would have to re-apply every time you change employers.

If you receive a promotion within the same company, contact us and we will advise you if you need to make any changes.

What do I need for a successful application?

You would need a valid Spousal or Life Partner Visa.

You will be expected to present a written contract or motivational letter from a registered company who has offered you a position.

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