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How to apply for a General Work Permit as a Zimbabwean National

How to apply for a General Work Permit as a Zimbabwean


How To Apply For A General Work Permit As A Zimbabwean

We have been receiving a numerous amounts of emails, calls and facebook enquiries about renewing the DZP permit which was given to Zimbabweans to legalize their stay in South Africa. The Department of Home Affairs has remained silent thus far as to whether they will be rolling out the next phase. We could not help but notice, that so many Zimbabweans are educated and have the necessary qualifications to qualify for a general work permit.

If your DZP permit is about to expire and you’re thinking of switching to a General Work Permit, then we suggest you continue to read further and find out how to secure your permit;

So how do I qualify?

• If you’re currently working and have a national diploma or bachelor’s degree etc and have loads of experience in your profession, then the odds are counting in your favour as you would stand at least a 95% chance of obtaining this permit.

• What occupations are likely to be approved for a General Work Permit?
To give you a vague idea, the following occupations will be approved if you have experience and formal qualifications;
Teachers, Engineers, Accountants, IT professions, Directors, Technicians etc

So what happens if I have no diploma or degree and my occupations is not listed above?

It is still possible to apply for your General Work Permit but your employer would need to motivate why they would like to employ you rather than any normal South African, but the decision ultimately lies with the Department of Affairs whether they will approve it. The better the motivation, the better your chances are to get this permit approved. It will be more to your advantage if you have been working for your company for more than 3 years as this will be a huge motivating factor, as your company can motivate the fact that are you are familiar with working procedures and to train a new employee will cost the company and resulting in a loss of revenue.

New World Immigration offers flexi payment plans to assist Zimbabweans in securing their General Work Permits. Call us now on +27 21 555 0951 to speak to our friendly consultants or simply visit our website at

Make an enquiry now to see whether you qualify and let New World Immigration secure your permit

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