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How to Apply for a General Work Permit for South Africa

This specific type of permit is only valid for the duration of your employment. In order to apply for a general work permit, you will need to have the following documentation ready.

  • Your application form that has been signed by yourself
  • A valid passport
  • The prescribed fee for application
  • A vaccination certificate – if you are required to have one
  • Proof that you have finances to cover you living expenses while in the country
  • A police clearance certificate – if you are over 18 years of age
  • Radiology and medical reports
  • Your employment contract – signed by both parties
  • Proof of all your qualifications
  • The original advertisement for the post that you applied for

The Particulars of the Advertisement

  • All the necessary particulars of the magazine or newspaper need to be supplied
  • The date that the advertisement was published
  • The advertisement needs to clearly state what the minimum requirements for the job are
  • The duties that the job will require need to be clearly listed
  • The advert itself needs to meet the minimum measurements required
  • The closing date for all applications must also appear in the advertisement
  • The advert may not be more than 3 months old when you apply for a work permit

There also needs to be proof that all the candidates have been interviewed for the position. You will need to get a letter of motivation from your future employer, a letter of registration (if needed), all the particulars of your employer and their proof of registration.

It will also be necessary that you get a letter from the Department of Labour that states what amount other employees with the same position are currently earning. All the required documentation for your spouse and children is also needed, only if they are coming with you. New World Immigration will of course assist with this.

Any general work permit that is issued to any individual will lapse if the holder does not supply the Director-General with the necessary proof that they are still employed.

There are a number of other documents that you will need to complete. All of these are available from your Immigration Expert, who will also assist you with filling out the necessary documents in the correct way.

Our consultants are on standby to answer all your questions.

By Robbie Ragless


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