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How to Apply for PR in South Africa

Thinking Of Immigrating to South Africa?

If you are planning a move to South Africa, there are a few things that you should pay close attention too with regards to application procedures and requirements. In order to immigrate to South Africa, you will need to acquire a permanent residence permit. If you only wish to reside in South Africa temporarily, one can apply for a Temporary Residency Permit granting you a limited number of years in SA. The Permanent Residency Permit will allow the holder to access to all privileges, rights, duties and obligations that citizens have.

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Who is allowed to Immigrate to South Africa?

South African immigration law was put into place to protect all South Africans and their rights regarding employment. Any person who is able to contribute to the improvement of South Africa’s economy is more than welcome to apply for immigration permits. Skilled workers, industrialists and entrepreneurs are encouraged to apply, due to the shortage of these types of individuals in the country.

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South Africa is looking for individuals who can create job opportunities for the citizens of this country as well as for the individuals who immigrate here. Applicants need to be willing and able to commit to investing in the country – assets, experience and skills!

You will need to make sure that you are going to be an asset and not a liability to South Africa.

The Immigrants Selection Board will make the final decision.

The two Immigration Categories

Direct Residence

This type of permit is issued to people who have a work permit (five years) and have been offered a permanent job in South Africa. If the person meets all the requirements, their spouse and children (under 21) will also qualify for PR.

Residence on Other Grounds

This type of permit will be given to anyone who has been offered a job (certain conditions apply).

Anyone who has specialized qualifications or skills under their belts will be considered.

People who are planning on retiring in SA, and those who are looking to set up a business here will also be able to apply.

All refugees and relatives of any SA citizen.

How long is a Permit Valid For?

When you have been granted permanent residency, you will not need to apply ever again. What you will need to do though, is to take up residence within 12 months of being given PR.

By Robbie Ragless

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