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Immigration Directive NO 9 of 2014

Immigration Directive NO 9 of 2014

Immigration Directive NO 9 Of 2014

The deputy director of Home Affairs, JW MACKAY has issued a new Directive on 24/05/2014 stating that any foreigner leaving South Africa with a expired visa and a submission receipt (pending application at the Department of Home Affairs) that has not been approved will be deemed undesirable and be banned from South Africa for either 1 year, 2 years or 5 years. If you’re currently using the submission receipt in South Africa, then you remain legal, but as soon as you exit South Africa then you will be illegal.

Let’s have a look at the following scenario;

You finally built up the confidence to immigrate to South Africa, secured a job and ready to make the BIG MOVE. You’ve collected all documents and make your way to South Africa to apply for your General Work Permit at the department of Home Affairs. Your application is submitted and will roughly take about 60 -80 working days to be processed and the immigration officer hands you the submission receipt that only keeps you legal in South Africa.

It’s been hard enough leaving your parents behind knowing they are becoming old and frail, but god forbid something happens to either one of your parents and you desperately need to leave South Africa to attend to them or worst case scenario you need to attend their funeral but Immigration Directive NO 9 of 2014 does not allow you to leave South Africa, So what are you to do? Do you miss the funeral or take the blow and be banned from South Africa?

If you own your business in South Africa and currently waiting for the approval of your business permit and you desperately need to attend a business meeting outside South Africa? How do you operate your business if you’re banned from South Africa?

I urge all foreigners and fellow South Africans to share this article to make everyone aware of the new directive and help them avoid being banned from South Africa. Our advice to all foreigners waiting for their applications to be finalized in South Africa to remain here until you receive your outcome from the Department of Home Affairs. Please note if you have overstayed, the immigration officials has strict instructions not to fine you but to ban you from South Africa.

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